Conclusion of Contract
1. The Accommodation Contract is binding as soon as the apartment has been ordered by telephone, in writing or by e-mail and the confirmation given accordingly by telephone, in writing or by e-mail.

2. The conclusion of the Accommodation Contract obligates the Contractual Parties to fulfill the Contract, regardless of the duration of the agreement.

3. Withdrawal from the Accommodation Agreement Cancellation by the Proprietor
3.1 In accordance with the statutory provisions, in the case of system errors in the booking software or other reasons why accommodation is impossible, the Proprietor may terminate his / her accommodation obligations. In this case, an appropriate replacement accommodation shall be provided if possible.
3.2 No later than 3 months prior to the agreed day of arrival of the Contractual Party, the Accommodation Contract may be terminated by the proprietor, for objectively justified reasons, unless otherwise agreed upon, by unilateral declaration.

Cancellation by the Contractual Party – Cancellation Fee
3.3 No later than 3 months before the agreed day of arrival of the guest, the Accommodation Contract can be terminated by a unilateral declaration by the Contractual Party without paying a cancellation fee.
3.4 Outside the period specified in 3.3. The Contractual Party may only rescind the Accommodation Agreement by means of a unilateral declaration subject to the following cancellation fees:
– up to 1 month before the arrival date 40% of the total package price
– up to 1 week before the arrival date 70% of the total package price
– in the last week before the arrival day 90% of the total package price.
3.5 For the question of whether the declaration of revocation is made in due time, the receipt thereof by the Proprietor shall be decisive. The customer must declare the rescission in writing. The guest is free to prove that the Proprietor has not suffered any damage or that the damage caused to him is lower than the compensation fee required.

Prevention from arrival
3.6 If the Contractual Party can not appear in the accommodation facility on the day of arrival, due to unforeseeable extraordinary circumstances (eg extreme snowfall, floods, etc.), and all arrivals prove to be impossible (including by train), the Contractual Party is not obliged to pay the agreed fee for the days of arrival.
3.7 The obligation to pay the remuneration for the booked stays shall revive starting from the next possible arrival date should arrival proves to be possible again within three days.
3.8 If the Contractual Party can not leave the accommodations on the day of departure due to unforeseeable exceptional circumstances (such as extreme snowfall, floods, etc.), all departures are blocked or unavailable, the Accommodation Contract is automatically extended for the duration of the impossibility of departure. The Proprietor is entitled to demand at least the charge corresponding to the usually charged price in the off-season.

4. Termination of the accommodation agreement – early termination
4.1 If the Accommodation Contract was concluded for a certain period of time, it ends when the agreed upon time period is up.
4.2 If the Contractual Party leaves prematurely, the Proprietor is entitled to charge the full fee agreed. The Proprietor will deduct what he has spared as a result of the non-use of his services or what he has received by renting the reserved rooms elsewhere. A saving is only possible if the accommodation company is able to make full use of the premises ordered by the guest at the time of non-use of the premises and the premises can be rented to other guests due to the cancellation of the Contractual Party. The Contractual Party bears the burden of proof to show that savings have been made.
4.3 The Proprietor is entitled to terminate the Accommodation Agreement with immediate effect for important reasons, in particular if the Contractual Party or the guest a) makes a considerable disadvantageous use of the premises or, by his reckless, offensive or otherwise grossly inappropriate behavior, offends the owner, his employees or the third party residing in the accommodation establishment on the ground of the cohabitation or who is guilty of a criminal offense against property, morality or physical security against these persons; b) suffers of a contagious disease or a disease the duration of which exceeds the term of accommodation or otherwise is in need of care; c) the invoices submitted are not paid within a reasonably set period (3 days).
4.4 If the fulfillment of the Contract becomes impossible due to an event that can be regarded as force majeure (eg natural events, strikes, lockouts, official orders, etc.), the Contractual Party can cancel the Accommodation Contract at any time without observance of a notice period unless the Agreement is already deemed terminated under the law or the Proprietor is exempted from his / her accommodation obligation. Any claims for damages, etc. of the Contractual Party shall be excluded. The Proprietor therefore recommends the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance, which is not included in the rental price.

A deposit of 50% is required on conclusion of the Contract. The payment of balance must be concluded 14 days before arrival.

With the payment of the remaining amount, the transfer of a deposit is also due. The deposit will be returned no later than 3 working days after departure, if applicable.

Number of Persons
The inclusion of additional persons is only permitted up to the number of the maximum occupancy in the rented item. Each additional person is to be agreed in time with the Proprietor.

Incidental Costs
Overnight prices are inclusive prices and include all costs and incidental charges necessary (Heating, water, electricity, bed and table linen, towels, hairdryer, free internet access, final cleaning, parking, tourist tax). In addition there may be fees for laundry or cleaning if number of the overnight stays is less than seven.

Animals are not allowed.

All apartments are non-smoking apartments. In front of the apartments or on the terrace the smoking is allowed.

The apartments are left clean after departure. We reserve the right to charge additional costs for an excessively contaminated apartment.

Defects and Damages
Please indicate to us any damage or other defects of the rented object and the inventory, including the cleaning condition at the beginning of the rental period, so that we can remedy the situation. Otherwise, we assume that you have found the rental object to your full satisfaction. Damage caused by you or fellow traveler during your rental period must be reported immediately and kept as low as possible; The liability is 100% of the tenant mentioned in the Contract. Parents are responsible for their children.

The Proprietor is not liable for valuables, money and securities. With the provision of the parking space, no deposit agreement expressly comes into being. The Proprietor is not liable for any loss or damage of the vehicles parked on the property belonging to the apartment.

Keys and Arrival
The Contractual Party has the right to move into the rented rooms from 3 pm on the agreed day (“arrival day”). Each customer, when arriving by car, is entitled to a car park on the property belonging to the apartment.

If a room is occupied for the first time before 6.00 am, the previous night will count as the first night.

The rented rooms are to be vacated by the Contractual Party before 10 am on the day of departure. The Proprietor is entitled to charge another day, if the rented rooms are not released in time. Upon arrival, the key can be picked up starting from 4 pm in the key deposit box and must be returned to the office by 10 am on the day of departure. In the event of the loss of a key of a locking system, the Contractual Party is liable to pay the cost of a new locking system in full.

The guest information in the rental property must be taken into account. Severability Clause If one of the clauses of this Contract is invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses. The Contractual Parties undertake to replace the invalid clause without delay by a correspondingly valid clause which is as close as possible to the invalid clause.

Place of Jurisdiction